Get Started on Your Own Woodworking Project

Get Started on Your Own Woodworking Project

Buy lumber from Haughton Custom Cabinets in Haughton, Louisiana

When you need lumber for your personal woodworking project, call Haughton Custom Cabinets LLC. We carry all kinds of hardwood lumber in Haughton, LA. Choose from the wide selection of wood that we use to build our own custom cabinets.

Whether you’re building patio furniture or a bookshelf, you can rely on Haughton Custom Cabinets for high-quality lumber. Contact us now to get the lumber you need for your next project.

Need advice before getting started on your next build?

Certain varieties of wood work best for furniture builds; others are appropriate for cabinetry. We’ll help you choose the type of wood that will work best for whatever you have in mind.

Don’t wait another week to get started on your home improvement project. Call Haughton Custom Cabinets today for the raw lumber you need in Haughton, Louisiana.