Give Your Kitchen a Basic Upgrade

Choose us for custom kitchen cabinetry and cupboards in Haughton, LA

You may not want to spend a fortune on a kitchen remodel, but your kitchen could still benefit from some upgrades. Haughton Custom Cabinets LLC would be happy to take care of them for you. Our team has been in the woodworking and remodeling business for decades.

We can make simple changes to your kitchen that will have a big impact on its appearance. Contact us today for your kitchen facelift.

Small changes, big results

Small changes, big results

If you love the look of your kitchen, you don’t have to change everything. A few quick fixes will do the job. Call Haughton Custom Cabinets today for:

  • Drawer face change-outs
  • Knob change-outs
  • New ball bearings

Need something else changed? Just let us know. We design, build and install custom kitchen cabinetry, countertops and kitchen islands in Haughton, LA.

Some contractors won’t take on small kitchen projects. But we will! Haughton Custom Cabinets can do any kind of kitchen remodeling, regardless of scale. Call us today for a consultation.