Create the Perfect Cabinets or Custom Furniture for Your Home

Contact Haughton Custom Cabinets in Haughton, Louisiana to buy lumber

Custom Cabinetry

We'll help you create the best wood cabinets for your home.

Wooden cabinets in a Haughton, LA kitchen

Kitchen Facelifts

Make inexpensive changes to your kitchen to create a brand-new look.

Kitchen Facelifts

Custom Specialty

In addition to cabinets, we install custom countertops, kitchen islands and mantles.

Customized wooden cabinets in a kitchen in Haughton, LA

Lumber Yard

We sell raw lumber for your personal custom project. Call today for details.

Stacked wooden boards in a lumber yard in Haughton, LA

Improve Your Home, One Cabinet at a Time

Call today for custom cabinetry & custom countertops in Haughton, LA

Take a look around you. What kind of cabinets do you see? Do they enhance the look of your space? If your cabinets are bringing down the appearance of your room, it’s time to call Haughton Custom Cabinets LLC. Our custom cabinetry business is based in Haughton, Louisiana. We offer a wide array of hardwood lumber options for cabinets, countertops and even custom furniture. If you need new cabinets for your kitchen, living room, bathroom or garage, call our talented woodworkers today for a consultation.

Wooden cabinets being build in a workshop in Haughton, LA

Quality woodwork is the name of the game

With over 20 years of combined industry experience, our carpenters know how to create luxurious custom cabinets for our customers. We can also handle a variety of other interior woodworking projects. In addtion to that, we sell a variety of hardwood lumber. Call us today to buy lumber or for:

Hardware change-outs

Basic kitchen redesigns

Door and mantle woodwork

Custom furniture builds

Kitchen island and countertop installation

Choose from a variety of wood options in our lumber yard for your custom creations—from birch and walnut to pecan and hickory. If you’re ready to give your home a facelift, contact us today. You can call buy lumber for your own woodwork projects. We have a wide variety of of hardwood lumber for your projects!

Don't settle for prefabricated cabinets

You deserve one-of-a-kind cabinets in your home. If you want your interior to stand out, add custom cabinets and other features from our expert woodworkers. Call Haughton Custom Cabinets today for a consultation.

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